Michael Mark, the founder of MYM Consulting Services has been involved in the environmental wastewater and water treatment industry for over nineteen years. After teaching college, he started his career in industry as a chemist for a major precious metals/mining company in charge of research and quality control. In the early 1990’s, Michael joined Canada Flocculants Inc. (CFI), and began a successful career marketing, selling, and developing new products for use within the municipal and industrial water and wastewater industry. He also gained valuable experience in operating a small company. In 2002, Canada Flocculants Inc. ceased operations subsequent to its product supplier, SNF Canada Ltd. assuming Canada Flocculants Inc.'s residual contracts. Michael continued to work for this company with the title of regional manager. Through his extensive experience and background in specialty chemicals and equipment within the municipal and industrial field, Michael eventually joined Siemens Water Technologies in charge of Western Ontario to further enhance his career and experience pertaining to various engineered equipment within the environmental industry. With the many long-term relationships and contacts Michael has developed over the years, Michael became aware of the various niche market consulting opportunities within the water and wastewater treatment field that needs to be addressed. As a result, MYM Consulting Services was born.

Michael is a member of the Chemical Institute of Canada, Chemical Engineering Society of Canada, Canadian Water & Wastewater Association, Water Environment Federation, and a member of the Association of Independent Consultants. Michael is also a very active member of the Water Environment Association of Ontario serving on a number of committees. Michael has chaired and delivered many papers over the years and is well respected as a technical resource for specialty chemicals & engineered equipment within the water and wastewater treatment and technologies industry.

In his spare time, Michael likes to spend time with his family, playing tennis, swimming, and hiking.